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You will not find faster high quality analysis tools for your supply chain. The analysis provide perfect insight for your organization to optimize your supply chain.
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Not a frequent user? A small medium sized enterprise, short on staffing or lack of knowledge?

Our professional staff can provide the supply chain analysis for you. We deliver most analysis within one week. Larger quantities of data may take more time.

If you have any questions please contact us.

Our supply chain analysis follows a simple 4 steps process.



DynMX accepts nondisclosure – Provide data using the format is best



Data validation check – Receive confirmation – Pay for the analysis



We work on the analyses – DynMX® prepare the report



Wait for our analysis – Most analysis within 24hours

* Before upload any date, DynMX® will agree on confidentiality and sent the
confirmation of Confidentiality / Non-Disclosure to your email address.




Select Analysis

Select analysis, use the format (click on button to view brief explanation)
The number of stars indicate the complexity of the required input data and analysis

Supply Chain Map


Distance Calculation

Milkrun Optimization

Milkrun Sequence

Location Planning

Network Design

Schedule Optimization

Transport Optimization

Last mile

Center of Gravity

Flow Visualization



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Management is always interested in the performance indicators to support and improve decision making, to optimize their operations and supply chain. And tools are available to support decisions and improve quality of these decisions. But Supply Chain Analysis tools are very expensive, easily starting at €6000 per annum for a single license. This is the main reason why these type of supply chain analysis are not done. These specialists apps require considerable training, create specialists and tools face the destiny of being forgotten when not frequently used. As continuity of knowledge and return on investment might be at risk, your easy and convenient solution is Act2Vision DynMX®.

Example data

Customer name, Country, State, Postal Code, City, Street, Weight, Volume, Number of shipments

Warehouse name, Country, State, Postal Code, City, Street, Max. Weight, Max Volume, Fixed costs.

(unlimited time)

0 / per month

  • Use all apps for free (limited data records allowed)
  • Use template to collect data and sent to Act2Vision
  • Test how all apps handle data with our pre-loaded sample data
  • No time limitaion on the free trail

(one year contract)

275 / per user / month

  • Use all apps, globally
  • Unlimited data entries (to max. capacity)
  • Annual & quarterly contracts available
  • No upgrade / new releases fees

(one year contract)

> 10 licence / month

  • > 10 licenses
  • Use all apps, globally
  • Optional support Log-Hub for back-end optimization
  • Optional custim-designed apps that fit your company needs
  • No upgrade / new releases fees

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes. Act2Vision DynMX® is 100% depending on customers trust. Your data will not be shared or shared with third parties. All DynMX® people are carefully selected to protect your data.
A: No. We experience every day that data is poorly available or set up in such a way that any kind of analysis needs quite some work. If your data needs to be improved, contact us to discuss solutions with our expert data analysists.
A: The time to build the report depends on data quality, size of data files and the number of requested analyses. It usually takes a working day per analysis module to study data and set up the report.
A: The report will be sent by email. The format of the report will be in pdf.
A: Just Contact us. Provide us with the report identification number. On request we can set up a Skype call to discuss the report in more detail.
A: Your data is often not structured. So a good understanding of Excel functions to clean and improve the usability of the data is expected. For instance vertical search (VLookup), Pivot tables, and filtering are frequently used functions.
A: To do the analysis a basic knowledge of basic statistics is required. Mean, Median, Standard Deviation, Coefficient of Variation and interpretation skills of Statistical graphs are expected.
A: Your ERP-software WMS, TMS or other type of software makes use of databases with columns and rows. Before a process or analysis takes place, you need to understand the details of the data before diving into deeper analysis. The most difficult and time consuming task is data preparation. Again there are tools to support but they come at a high price. Your easy solution is Act2Vision DynMX®.

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