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Control and Operations optimization in your warehouse (Lean, TPM)

Using a 3PL for your warehousing activities and lost the feeling of being…

Act2Vision Supply Chain Solutions

Providing Expertise and Technology to your Supply Chain

Warehouse Management and Physical Distribution are important flow control activities in an organizations…

DynMX® – Supply Chain optimization Apps

You will not find a faster high quality analysis of your supply chain. We have a professional staff and can provide analysis on your supply chain. All analysis will be based on your data…

Company profile Act2Vision

Act2Vision is an independent business consulting company founded in 2016. The leading principle of Act2Vision is to create value for our customers with innovation and deployment in supply chains, operations, marketing and sales. Services are built for a large variety of national and international operating clients. We provide our services on location as we believe that local presence, communication and understanding is a key to success.

Create the most value with your services, not the product;

Products are the carrier for acquiring customers, in order to receive the services

Klaas Verboom – Facta Vision

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Facta Vision is Act2Visions partner for Planning and Visualization Systems.

Lob Hub AG (CH)

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Log Hub AG (CH) is Act2Visions partner for Supply Chain Apps using Excell Add-ins.


Paul van Geldorp – Sayblue

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Say Blue is Act2Visions partner for positioning and improvement of  communication and customer interaction.


Maarten van Oost – Act 2 Vision –

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In 2016 founded Act2Vision with its mission to support organizations in Operations & Supply Chain Excellence.

Picture Douwe Polstra

Douwe Polstra – 2BImproved –

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Training & Education applications in Operations, Warehousing  & Logistics

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Rob van Tilburg – Suc64U –

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After his study Higher Distribution Logistics started as Packaging expert. Gained Experience in multiple operational environments as trainer and change manager.

Our Mission

Rapid changes call for a company’s capability to quickly respond and reshape its business models. Queries of different nature, such as price fluctuations of commodities (for example: oil and rare metals), or natural disasters, economic crises and geopolitical and social risks influence the market dynamics. Also, internal strategical, tactical, and operational…

Our Approach, generic framework

We are convinced that each combination of customer and request, requires a unique approach. The organisation framework analysis of Act2Vision is the guideline for every assignment, project or assessment. The framework includes all the fundamentals related to your operations, supply chain, marketing and sales and provides scope. The framework will …