Company Profile

Company Profile

Act2Vision is an independent business consulting company founded in 2016. We create value for our customers with innovation and deployment in supply chains (operations, warehousing, logistics) and marketing and sales. Act2Vision assesses clients’ supply chain and life cycle business and build solutions for that areas which need to be improved. Solutions are built for a large variety of national and international clients. We provide our services on location as we believe that local presence, communication and understanding is a key to success.

Positioning Clients’ vision at the core, regarding why and how to move forward or completely re-design their playing field to defeat the competition, is evident. But clients often face the challenge of how to deploy their vision within the boundaries of the existing operations. Act2Vision helps with skilled, knowledgeable and experienced people. Besides our continuous and sustainable improvement approach, we challenge our customers and help with the development and implementation of the disruptive innovation strategy. Disruptive innovation drives new ideas to reality. This requires entrepreneurship and highly experienced, qualified, creative people with the ability to remove barriers within operations and supply chains. We provide guidance to realize our clients vision.

Act2Vision is your partner to explore what is beyond the horizon of your current capabilities in operations and supply chain and drives the deployment of your vision forward in the following areas:

  • Warehouse Operations
  • Supply Chain Solution, project/interim
  • Supply Chain Apps & analytics