Our Approach, generic framework

Our Approach, generic framework

We are convinced that each combination of customer and request, requires a unique approach. The organisation framework analysis of Act2Vision is the guideline for every assessment and project. The framework includes all fundamentals related to your operations, supply chain, marketing and sales. The framework provides scope.

We practice Customer Intimacy. The customer intimacy principles: “a unique responsible and sustainable solution for a unique customer’’. As each clients organization is unique, the framework will be adjusted to the client’s organization. The assessement and project scope is projected in the framework.

Step 1.
Set up the assignment (project) definition or project proposal. A clear project structure with defined starting points and definitions, to avoid misinterpretations, delays and discussions about deliverables. To structure the customer journey we set up the client’s organizational framework. If the starting point is not clear we build the business case and framework together.

Step 2.
Resulting from the framework, the second step is definition. Objectives and goals are formulated. Research questions defined. The scoping and assessement or projecte deliverables are set. Our clients confirm that it is much easier to define objectives and targets when the starting point is clear.

Step 3.
The last and most interesting step: The customer journey. Act2Vision guides customers to practice the adagio of learning by doing. Either sustainable or disruptive innovation, dare to learn, enjoy the journey to improvement.

With Act2Vision you introduce excellent operations, supply chains, marketing and sales to your organization. Contact Act2vision to discover the opportunities in your organization and go beyond your current horizon.